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  • Clay 7:44 am on May 18, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: apps, ipad, technophiles   

    5 Excellent iPad Apps for Technophiles 

    The iPad is fast becoming the go-to toy for Technophiles, sale and with more Apps available every day, no rx it’s easy to see why. Here are the top 5 iPad Apps for the gadget-geeks inside all of us.

    1. IM+: Phone calls are for old people. But, we young people can’t spend all day Facebooking, Twittering, IMing, AIMing, Myspacing, Google Talking, Skyping and Jabbering – so we have this one App to do all of that for us. This all-in-one chat client is $10, but the time it saves is priceless (you now have a few spare minutes to get back to Farmville).
    2. iBanner HD: iBanner HD basically creates a large crystal clear banner of whatever text you enter in and displays it on your iPad in very large letters. For some reason, most people seem to use this to insult each other, or hit on women. Either way, it’s a lot of fun.
    3. Offline Pages: Sometimes, you just don’t connect. I mean, no internet connection available anywhere. And when that happens, this App saves your iPad from becoming a paperweight. Offline Pages saves pages you’ve found online for when you want to read them offline, which makes it perfect for plane rides and car trips.
    4. WordPress for iPad: For tech-bloggers, the WordPress for iPad App makes blogging easy. There is an almost 10-inch touch screen that makes typing and navigating WordPress easy. Posts are automatically saved and restored if network connection is lost, photos are displayed in the order they were uploaded, and the new interface makes switching between comments, posts and pages fast.
    5. Mixr: For Techno-DJs, nothing beats the Mixr, an app that aspires to be the first pro DJ application for iPad. Cross-fading, equalizing, cue, drag & drop tracks are only a few of the effects music lovers can play with.
  • admin 3:38 pm on April 14, 2010 Permalink  

    5 Sites With Free & Interesting X-Ray Photos 

    You may be looking for x-ray images because you use them in your chosen field or you might just be looking for them because they’re cool. Either way, these 5 sites can show you some free and interesting x-ray photos. Some are startling and others are as mundane as x-ray photos can be but each one will give you a deeper look into the human condition.


    FotoSearch offers you an array of x-ray photos for free. You can find photos here that show x-ray images being used in medical settings as well as images of the x-rays themselves. The number of interesting images you are going to find here is probably going to be more limited by the time you have to look than by the selection. These x-ray and x-ray related photos will show you x-rays of various parts of the body and may very well give you what you are looking for from x-ray photos.


    iStockphoto is another site that will give you access to many x-ray photos. In fact, a search for the term x-ray will net you 4259 images all on its own. These images run the gamut from traditional x-rays to photos of doctors examining said x-rays. Although some of these images appear to be of a more promotional nature, there are more than enough genuine x-ray photos to give you some interesting images. And you will not be sorting through photos for long before you find some high quality x-ray photos either. is the real deal. This site has created a community of more than 40,000 professionals who represent over 8,500 hospitals and other medical facilities. This site is one of the best because it features real images from real cases submitted by this network of professionals. You will find over 20,500 cases to date with over 100,000 images from these cases. This site was made for the purpose of training medical personnel so if you want to see real x-rays then this is the site to visit time and time again.


    A quick search for x-ray photos in Flickr will net you page after page of images related to x-rays. While not every image that such a general search pulls up will be exactly what you were looking for, the sheer number of photos available on this site ensures that you will find plenty of x-ray photos to strike your fancy. While most x-rays are obviously of the human body, Flickr boasts a few photos of other objects from the x-ray perspective. Now, this is interesting.

    Brisbane Times

    This Brisbane Times site does not have an overwhelming inventory of x-ray photos but it does features some of the most interesting x-ray images that you are likely to come across. The riveting images of a teenage boy’s skull with a 5 inch knife imbedded in it are startling to say the least. The most interesting fact is that the boy survived this injury. This is both a wondrous sight and one that is horrible to contemplate. The fact that a knife was plunged into this boy’s skull during a robbery in a violent act makes it a gruesome display but with the x-ray photo from the event you can more objectively admire the human constitution and just how much punishment it can withstand.

    These 5 sites with free and interesting x-ray photos are all worth a look. Whether you know exactly what you are looking at when you see an x-ray or not, these images can still boggle the mind and captivate the imagination. After all, with an x-ray you are seeing a person from the inside. There is something awe inspiring about that.

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